In the Netherlands, with an increasing environmental awareness, households will also eventually turn into producers of energy. This growing awareness will result in a more uncertain supply pattern. In a free market, prices will fluctuate to achieve an optimum supply-demand equilibrium. Energy surpluses will lead to decreasing prices and vice versa. In this context, Flexines plans to develop a set of electronic instruments to help households make the right choices, both in the energy market in which it will operate as well as in appliance usage. This set of instruments will include a self-improving comfort management system that will be entirely in the user’s hands. Based on the user’s standards and preferences, the system will align the energy supply with the demand by letting both appliances and users communicate with each other. In this way, energy flows can be managed in an efficient and economically optimal way.

Within the context of this research, the following innovations will be considered: the PowerMatcher (concept by ECN), the smart meter, and the intelligent interface (developed by Hanze University).

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